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Following Barky µltipettes™ have been specially designed for use with straw pipettes which are a safe alternative to pasture pipettes. Barky µltipette™ SPR Range would provide a robust and hard wearing device. They could also be very flexible when using Barky ad/1 and as/2 adaptors. You could turn your device into three devices

Barky µltipette™ SPR-1 ( 0.1-1.0ml )

Barky S.P.R range of single and variable volume macro µltipettes™ will offer you accuracy, flexibility and reliability. They are designed for use with straw pipettes with the ability of using plastic tips as well as Pasture pipettes. Barky µltipettes™ offer a very robust and hard wearing pippetters covering from 0.1-2.0ml in single as well as variable volume devices and all the devices in the range are auto-claveable as a unit or the internal parts can be cleaned physically for extra peace of mind, we believe we have brought simplicity of operation to the laboratory with the advantage of not having to send away for re-calibration as re-calibration and servicing of Barky range of S.P.R µltipettes™ is done easily by the user in house.


Each Barky single and variable barky S.P.R µltipette™ volume is pre-calibrated and if need be they can be re-calibrated easily by the user in house to a standard required, this option is useful as each operator may have a different pipetting habit.


With the use of Barky AD-1R and AD-2R adaptors each Barky µltipette™ can be turned into three devices using plastic tips or glass Pasture pipettes as well as straw pipettes therefore saving you money and space.

Please note we can make AD-1R adaptor to fit any plastic tip of your choosing as well as the length can be made to your requirements so your device will suit your needs rather than you having to buy what is available with no flexibility.

Barky µltipette™ SPR-1 with AD-1R adaptor


With precision manufacturing each device is assembled and tested individually for accuracy ,quality and ease of operation resulting in years of trouble free service and for your peace of mind each Barky S.P.R µltipette™ carrys a two-year warranty with a traceable serial numberengraved on each device.


Barky S.P.R range of pipetter offer an exceptional smooth operation time after time which is very important when constant use is required day after day.


Due to the design of S.P.R µltipettes™ continues use of these pipetters would have very little hand warming effect on the accuracy of your device.

Each device is colour coded for easy identification.


Barky SPR-1000

Barky SPR-500

If you do not find a suitable volume Barky S.P.R µltipette™ within the range above tell us the volume you require and then it is up to us to come up with a volume to suit your requirements.


We can offer you a Barky µltipette™ auto-clavable stand housing up to three Barky µltipettes™ in variable as well as single volumes.

Barky Stand (ST-3)

Above products are our standard items available to order however if your product needs are different to our standard product we are able to make modifications or manufacture a Barky µltipette™ to suit your needs, please contact our sales office and have a chat with one of our customer service representatives.


Table 1. Barky µltipette macro pipetters (variable volume) SPR Range
Device Volume Increments Accuracy ±% Suitable tip
SPR-1 1.0ml 0.1 2 Simplettes
SPR-2 2.0ml 0.25 1 2.0ml straws

Re-calibration kit for above devices

Table 2. Recalibration kit for the above devices
Device Volume Accuracy ±% Suitable tip
SPR-100 100µl 2 Simplettes
SPR-500 0.5ml 1 Simplettes
SPR-1000 1.0ml 0.75 Simplettes
SPR-1500 1.5ml 0.5 2ml straws
SPR-2000 2.0ml 0.5 2ml straws


Barky µltipette™ single volume SPR range would not need a re-calibration kit to be re-calibrated by the user in seconds.

Certificate of calibration: this certificate can be issued by us at the point of order according to our own standards.

Barky Stand: manufactured from stainless steel housing up to three Barky S.P.R µltipettes™, this stand is also auto clavabale.


AD-1R: For use with all the SPR range to enable your device to use other brand of tips if a straw is not to be used. (the length of AD-1R adaptor can be tailored to suit your needs also the plastic tip to be used can be chosen by you at no extra charge)

AD-2R: For use with all SPR range to enable your device to use a Glass Pasture pipettes.

Barky adaptors would turn any of the SPR range of Barky µltipettes™ into three devices therefore increasing the flixability of your device and reduce the cost of having to buy extra devices.

Barky µltipette™ SPR range can be autoclaved as a unit in an autoclaving bag also the internal parts of this range can be autoclaved as well as physically cleaned (please read the operating and servicing instructions first)