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Welcome to Barky Instruments International

Barky Instruments supplies pipepetters to the scientific and medical communities since 1974.

Barky Ultipette range is used across the world

Barky Ultipette range of pipetters are used across the world in many universities, hospitals and medical research institutions. The Barky Ultipette range is used in areas such as Children's nutritional research, haematology, clinical pharmacology, immunology and many other medical and laboratory research procedures.

Barky Ultipettes are used by many public, such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, as well as goverment institutions.

As well as teaching hospitals, research projects, food processing laboratories we have helped supply the United Nations with water treatment projects in Ethiopia.

Precision Engineering and Design

Barky Ultipettes are designed with the user in mind they are designed to be robust, hard wearing and with ergonomic design. They can be used day-in, day-out repetitive procedures. What separates a Barky Ultipette from other pipettes is the attention paid to detail. The real day-to-day working enviroment of a busy laboratory where hundreds of pipetting procedures have to be carried out. Some of our research laboratory customers operate twenty-four seven and use our S.P.R range of Barky Ultipettes up to two thousand pipettings every day.

Modifications to your requirements

We are able to manufacture or modify our own product line to suit your requirements where other manufactures can only supply you with off the shelf devices. We are also able to modify our adaptors to reach deeper or specials volume pipetters for specific procedure.